Many years of experience in R&D Tax Relief allows our experts to analyse your business to calculate your claim eligability.

Did you now that the average R&D Tax credit claim is over £43,000? Over £1 billion was claimed last year alone yet thousands of companies, from SME's to large companies, are not claiming the money that they are entitled to. The Government estimates that 90% of eligible companies are not claiming what is rightfully theirs to claim.

What is R&D Tax?

Introduced in 2000, R&D tax credits are the Government's way of encouraging exciting new products and services. Why? Because by helping to reduce some of the financial risk for technology companies, the Government hopes they'll find new and innovative techniques to make the UK more competitive internationally.

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Are You Eligible

You may be surprised to discover that any company that spends money trying to improve a product or service through a technological advance, using qualified staff and appropriate project controls, and where there's doubt about the project's success, is likely to be eligible to claim.

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Business Sectors

If you represent an Engineering firm, Manufacturing company, IT firm or a company in the Pharmaceutical or Aviation sectors, there is a very good chance that you have a claim to make. We've also made successful claims for companies in fields as varied as Architects, Financial services companies, Legal firms, Dairies and more.

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Expert Analysis

We investigate the scope of your R&D work to determine your qualifying claim conditions.

Detailed Paperwork

Our experts compile a detailed technical report and financial documentation for your Corporation Tax claim.


We specialise in and have considerable experience processing claims for R&D Tax credits with HMRC and offer a no win no fee policy.